After much stress and heartache, we are finally scheduled to receive our new washer and dryer tomorrow.  In preparation for the new machines, Dave sold the old dryer last weekend (the old washer wasn't worth anything, so we're having it hauled.)  I was thrilled to have an extra $40 to put towards the budget!  There's just one small problem... I haven't done any laundry since December 28.....

Source: Home Depot

Fortunately for me, that's not too huge of a problem (although I was stressing a bit when I first found out that he had sold it!)  For some reason, I have more underwear than a normal human being needs in a lifetime, so I was all set as far as that went.  I also have a lot of clothes, and although I tend to rotate the same outfits through my wardrobe every other week or so, this lack of laundry situation has really allowed to take inventory of what I truly plan to wear again, and what I should just give to Goodwill.

But what if the new washer and dryer doesn't come tomorrow?  While I have to go to a .... dun dun dun... laundromat??!??!  Oh the horror!  (If you take your laundry to a laundromat, I'm not judging - I've just been wildly spoiled for way too long.)  Hopefully, that beauty pictured above will be all mine by the end of the day tomorrow!

Wish me luck!!!... especially if you're someone who encounters me on any sort of regular basis.


BeeKayRoot said...

When I first moved here to Wise, VA, back in August, I visited the local laundromat a few times. Only one of those visits I actually enjoyed, because of a conversation I initiated with someone else there. Luckily, I don't have to use the laundromat anymore, but I still have to do my laundry in a "public" place (i.e. residence hall). I've done my laundry in a public facility for about the past 7 years or so.

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