Christmas Miles 577 - 674: Delta

fter the White Elephant party, we drove to Dave's dad's house for a brief visit.  We were tired and so were they, so we exchange some (real!) gifts and headed to bed.

The next morning we woke up bright and early and jumped in the hot tub, as has been our custom there recently.  I think it's a sign that we're getting old when we'd rather get in the hot tub in the morning after a good night's sleep over jumping in at night with a beer and then going to bed.... You agree?

The next morning we had a huge breakfast and then talked at the table and caught up on everyone's lives.  It was nice and relaxing... unfortunately, it was cut short by our need to leave to go back to Wilmington for a party that afternoon.

We were attacked by snowballs for leaving, but then they came around, and we got a nice send-off.

Click to enlarge - I swear there are actually waving people in that picture

Then they decided to do a wave!  This next picture is sort of horrible and blurry, but I find it incredibly funny.  You'll see two people in the far bottom left hand corner, and evidence of the wave that took place.

The Wave

At this point, have your found yourself thinking, "Seriously, this isn't over yet?"  Sorry, no such luck.  Stay tuned.


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