Back in the saddle...

The holidays - and the weeks following that led up to today - were hard on me.  Or rather, I was hard on myself. 

I gained back all of the weight that I lost previously, and I am once again trying to lose it.  I am truly the roller-coaster dieter that everyone tells you not to be.  I am good at losing weight.  I am good at gaining weight.  But for some reason, I am not good at maintaining weight.

So, that's my new goal.  Learn to maintain.  The hard part?  Losing enough to get to a weight that I'm interested in maintaining. 

The other challenge is that this is Dave's birthweek (yes, we celebrate birth WEEKS, not just days) and my birthweek is less than 2 weeks away. Birthweeks mean that we get tons of free meal coupons from area restaurants - places that we love to eat at, and we're definitely always tempted to use them. 

With the budget in place this year, we're trying to be more strategic about which coupons we use and when we use them, but it's still likely going to be mean overspending, and also overeating.

So I've been working hard this week to at least lose a few pounds that I can gain back in the next two weeks without too much guilt, and THEN I will really be back on the horse.  Right now, I guess you could say I'm just in the saddle... sitting in a saddle on the ground in the stable...  BUT! I'll be on that horse before you know it!

Wow, what a horrible analogy....


Ms2Mrs said...

So glad I'm not the only one who celebrates birth weeks!

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