The Beard

Over the holiday break, Dave tried to grow a beard.  I say "try" because his facial hair grows rather slowly and thus he never really had what most people would call a true beard.

I called it a beard though.  As a person who absolutely loves a freshly shaven, smooth face, the beard was no fun for me.  Dave had contemplated keeping the beard for when he went back to school, so that his kids could see him with it, but on a whim one day, he decided to shave it off (and I swear that I did NOT pressure him.)

If you're friends with us on Facebook, then you might have seen some of the pictures from the early days.  This picture however, is from the final day.

Oh, the sand-papery horror!!!

Needless to say, I was glad to see THAT go away real quick...

And then it was over, and my soft-faced Dave was returned to me for good.  While it was fun for a short while, I'm glad that he doesn't have any long-term plans or desires to grow a beard (at least, I hope he doesn't!)


Laura said...

My brothers can't really grow beards either.

Mike always jokes that he is going to but it never happens. I would hate it. He does have the "goat" though.

The mustache picture is awesome!

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