The fanciest "Save the Date" EVER

On Saturday we received a fancy brown envelope with the return address of our friends Scott and Alison, who were recently engaged and are getting married this July.

"Wow!," I exclaimed, after picking up the large square, thick envelope. "A wedding invitation already? Isn't this more like, 'save the date' time?"

"Well," Dave replied, "it MUST be the actual invitation, because look at how fancy it is!"

"Yeah, I guess you're right!" was my response. 

(Ok, so this probably wasn't our exact conversation, but you get the gist...)

Anyway, we proceeded to open this very fancy invitation.  The envelope was this beautiful heavy brown paper that had a colorful shimmer to it, and the address labels had their picture on it.  Inside was an inner-envelope sealed with a belly band that also contained a picture, ostensibly from their engagement pictures.

Super cute, right?

At this point, we were totally convinced that this was the actual wedding invitation.  After removing the belly band, the flap opens up to reveal a pocketfold invitation, complete with inserts!


At this point we were still convinced that these were the actual invitations for their wedding... until we noticed the small line on the very bottom left hand corner of the middle panel; "Formal invitation to follow." 

We were so impressed!  We knew that Alison was a very talented graphic designer, but we were blown away by these Save the Dates.  They were so well done, so nice, and much fancier than our actual wedding invitations!  "Formal Invitation to Follow!?!?!"  I can't even imagine what their invitations are going to look like - how can you top something like this? 

If their Save the Date is any indication, this is going to be one amazing wedding.  Dave and I are already excited for it.  AND, it's the day before we leave for Mexico!  (Don't worry, we knew that before we booked the Mexico trip - we were originally going to leave for Mexico on the same day as their wedding, but decided to postpone it a day so that we could attend, and just make the whole vacation week even more fun!)

Here's one last look at the entire suite:

Congrats Scott and Alison! We can't wait for July!


Melissa said...

WOW! Those are really nice & fancy schmancy! i like them! i was thinking she paid a pretty penny for that but then if she's a graphic designer maybe she did them herself?!?!?! WOW!

Lisa said...

I should have mentioned that! I'm fairly certain that she made them herself!!! (although I am not 100% sure.) She does other invitations designs, so yeah - I think she made them. Amazing, huh?

Ms2Mrs said...

You aren't kidding! I feel like a total slacker bride. I haven't even done my STD yet!

BeeKayRoot said...

That's crazy... but they look wonderful!!!

They should have just created a Facebook event and called it a day.


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