Happy Birthday!... Still!

Ugh.... That's all I can say. 

Dave and I continue to celebrate birthdays and had another gluttonous weekend, filled with multiple meals eaten at restaurants (fortunately, we only paid for one of them - the budget is happy!)

Dave's mom came out to visit this weekend, between our two birthdays, to celebrate with us.  She treated us to two meals yesterday, and I think Dave and I officially felt our age when eating two meals at a restaurant completely destroyed our bodies.  Of course, that didn't stop us from going out again tonight (but we had a free birthday entree coupon! Come on!)

I was too busy eating the entire weekend to remember to take any pictures, so I only have these 2, from when we opened the birthday gifts from Dave's mom.

Birthday presents! - Dave is excited!

Some curiously shaped gifts...

We're lucky kids! Dave got a new pair of hiking shoes that will be delivered in a couple of days along with a tin of probably 2 dozen or more oatmeal cookies that he's already mostly consumed.  I got a new Photoshop CS4 for Digital Photographers book (!) and two bottles of Blue Maui (!!!) - my favorite drink in the whole world.  Those from St. Marys are probably familiar with the syrupy blue product, but it seems that here in Allegheny County I'm the only one who purchases it, and it's becoming increasingly hard to find.  So few people have ever even seen it outside of our home that it's become known as my "signature" drink.  I'm ok with that. I love it!

So, once I recover from all of the food I consumed this weekend, I'll be back to posting more frequently.  In the meantime, I need a nap!


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