Pickle 'Splosion

My office reeks of pickles right now. While I was toasting my bread for my lunch sandwich, I was pulling my pickle jar out of the refrigerator and somehow it just slipped out of my hand. And then it EXPLODED.

Seriously.  Our floors are carpeted, and yet the jar must have landed in just the right way to cause it to shatter (also know as mass chaos.)  The jar was nearly new - only used on day so far, so there were a LOT of pickles in there.  There was pickle juice dripping down the wall.  Broken glass and hamburger dills everywhere.  I stood in place for a solid minute before saying "shit" and walking to the bathroom to get paper towels.  I am often complimented on my ability to remain calm in all sorts of situations at work. Most people think that this is a positive characteristic, but sometimes I find my inability to react downright annoying.

So by now, 32 ounces of pickle juice had slowly seeped into the carpet.  I picked up all of the pickles and most of the large glass pieces by hand.  I sopped up as much of the juice that I could, but there were so many glass shards that I was afraid to step on the paper towels in my dress sandals (yes, I am still resisting wear socks.  It's fall, not winter!)  I put up a sign on pink paper - "Please be careful - glass shards below" and a co-worker called the cleaning staff to come up and vaccuum.  They came and they vaccuumed up all of the glass shards and much of the juice. 

But it still smells like pickles, and no amount of Febreeze seems to be helping.  I have a feeling that I'm not going to be favorite colleague of the week...


LAURA said...

Ewww... that's not a good smell to have lingering. Maybe some baking soda in the carpet. Isn't that supposed to absorb smells??

Melissa said...

oh no!!! i hope your coworkers aren't giving you a hard time after that?!?! yucky!!

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