Fall is in the air

In case you didn't notice, fall has definitely arrived. In fact, since I took these pictures (on Sunday), winter actually pushed right past fall and is now in the lead. Sorry fall....

What's more beautiful - the dog, or the colorful leaves?  I can't decide....

I suppose that the nice thing about being a dog is that you don't really care what season it is.  You don't have to get all of your winter clothes out of storage, your bathroom habits remain the same, and somehow, even when there's a 50 degree difference, you're still just as happy sitting in the sun in the cold winter air as you are in the humid, summer air. 

Lady, PLEASE. Enough!

What is perhaps hardest to believe is that they're calling for snow this weekend.  We have BARELY begun the month long process of raking leaves.  We raked two weeks ago, but skipped last week (due to tailgating).  So we HAVE to rake this weekend before all of the leaves get gross and slimy and packed down and start killing our grass.  It might have already happened.  But now we're going to have rake in snow and rain, with temperatures in the 30's. 

Does anybody else miss Fall already?


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