Happy Halloween from Murphy

In the spirit of Halloween, on Sunday, Dave and I (ok, I) decided to do a photo shoot of some of the many costumes that Murphy owns to celebrate Halloween.

I already know what you're thinking - "You're ridiculous."  BUT, he's SO tolerant of costumes and being bossed around.  He's a lady's dream-come-true.

The first set in the "shoot" was the woods, and the costume was "Sgt. K-9."  The problem with this setting is that it's just so damn exciting for Murphy!  His nose was to the ground the whole time.  We're pretty sure that he ate deer poop.  And we were constantly in fear that he would find the scent trail of an animal and suddenly take off.  And there was a cliff over our closest neighbor's driveway that he was oh-so-interesting in jumping off of.  So yeah, it was exciting....

 Don't mess with this Army dog

Can you find him? He's in the upper middle part of the photo.  
I know he's wearing camo, but if you look reeeal hard....

On the hunt for a deer.  See what I mean about his nose always being on the ground?

Actually, I'm pretty sure that he ate deer poop during that last one, but at least he was on their trail!  We like to call him "deer hunter" sometimes, although his deer hunting abilities are severly impeded by the restrictions of his leash and the fact that the deer know exactly how far he can go on said leash. 

And in other Murphy news, yesterday was his 6th (or should I say 42nd?) birthday!!! Happy Birthday Murphy!!!


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