I miss our hot tub

In another life, back in another time, at another house, we had a hot tub...

[This picture has been removed]
The hot tub - oh, how I miss it!!!!

After a few drinks and a couple of hours at the Deller household (our first, brief stop in Lancaster), we headed to the father Hartman's household.  It was late - I think we got there shortly after 11 p.m. - and although we had requested that the hot tub be turned up for our visit, we were all so tired that we wanted to go to sleep after about half an hour of visiting.

But the next morning was a different story.  Dave's dad and step mom had had a long, rough week of work and dealing with some family issues.  So, we were not surprised when we woke up around 8:30 the next morning and they were still asleep.  Laying in bed, trying to decide whether or not we should try to fall back asleep, on a whim I said, "We could get in the hot tub!"  And the morning was born. 

This is the way to the hot tub, says Dave

I love the hot tub!!!

It was a cool, breezy morning.  But it wasn't raining, and that's what counted.  It was relaxing and was a great way to start the morning.  It definitely made me miss our hot tub....

However, we couldn't stay in there long!  Murphy was at the PetSmart Hotel, and we had a date in Philadelphia!


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