Last night I hit my head going down the stairs.  I don't really understand how it happened.  I'm not nearly tall enough to knock my mellon with just regular walking, like Dav emight.  And I'm certainly not the type that excitedly jumps down the stairs.  But somehow I did it.  And MAN did it hurt...

I didn't realize what had happened at first. All I remember is grabbing my head and moaning.  I collapsed (in a controlled sort of way) on the stairs, and heard Dave say, "What happened?"  "I think I hit my head..." I mumbled in respond, staring into the carpet of the stairs, still not able to lift my head up.  Like the good husband that he is, Dave was quickly at my side, giving me a hug.

Tears were pouring out of my eyes, and I don't remember when they started.  I suppose that happened almost instantly.  Is that common with head injuries?  Once I became aware of the tears, I also realized that I was crying.  "Why am I crying?"  I asked Dave.  The crying confused me because 1. I am not a crier by nature, and 2. I didn't think that it hurt THAT bad.  (Ok, so it did actually hurt that bad, but it wasn't bleeding or anything!)

Dave walked me upstairs and I laid on the bed, trying to get control of myself.  I was sobbing in a very pathethic way, which I didn't like, but in retrospect realize that it was probably just because I was caught off guard by this whole "knock-in-the-noggin" event and was still shaken up.  It hurt to lay down.  Not because I was laying on my injured thinker - since I hit it at the very peak of my head - but because my long hairs that were attached to the egg on my head were under my shoulders and skull and every miniscule pull was torture.

Needless to say, my night was shot.  Our plans to celebrate Murphy's birthday in some dramatic and ridiculous way was out of the question, as was exercising.  I ate a dinner of soup and then sat on the couch and alternated between reading and walking last weeks episode of "So You Think You Can Dance."  I had a headache from the impact, would get an occasional stabbing pang of pain, and that was all the excuse I needed to not do anything the entire night.

Thankfully, sleeping was not a problem, and this morning it's much improved.  Washing and brushing my hair was nearly impossible and every time I go to pull my hair back in a tie I stop myself when I wince.  But I can say with confidence that I will survive, and that tonight NEEDS to be more productive. 

Did you ever use a minor injury as an excuse to just be lazy for a night?  I highly recommend it.


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