A bad night at Zumba

Since June, I have taking a Zumba class that meets every Tuesday and Thursday night.  Zumba is basically aerobics that focuses it's movement on Latin-style dance steps to make the workout more interesting.  If you're not familiar with Zumba, there are plenty of videos on YouTube, click on the link below to see a clip of a Zumba class.

I've been with the same instructor since I started the class in June.  Last night, however, she was not there, and there was a sub in her place.  She was awful and when I got home, I had to do a demonstration to Dave just to show him how non-aerobic this particular instructor was.

First, a little background information.  My main complaints about my regular instructor is that she was a little flighty.  She could easily distract herself and sometimes messed up on her routines which then of course messed us up as well, since we follow her to a T.  She's the kind of instructor who likes to clap and cheer and she's really overall energetic, even though I'm not like that myself.  However, I will NEVER complain about her again.

This new instructor (who, from here on out will be referred to as NI) was older and slightly over-weight - not a great sign for an aerobics instructor.  While she had some of the same songs on her iPod as my regular instructor, her routines did not compare in any way.  She had one or two moves that she used and then just repeated throughout the entire song, whereas Ember (the regular instructor) had full routines for every song with a lot of variety.  In one song that we already knew, there was a portion where Ember would have us do squats.  NI just had us stand there and put our arms up and down.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that I didn't break a sweat.  And I'm pretty sure that my heart rate never went above my regular resting rate.  I was horribly disappointed and tempted to leave in the middle of the class, but didn't want to be rude.  Because I calculate my meals for the day knowing that I will burn X number of calories during this class, I had to go home and run for 25 minutes and then bike for another 25 just to burn enough calories to meet my goals.

Tomorrow is my next class, and I'm crossing my fingers that my regular instructor will be there.


BeeKayRoot said...

Lisa - I love reading your blog... I don't know why, but I laugh when I read it! Good stuff.

Hope all is going well.


LAURA said...

I tried Zumba one time... maybe I had the same person you had sub haha. I hated it. I swear REALLY easy and I didn't even break a sweat after an hour of zumba. That's crazy! I felt completely ridiculous because all the lady had us do was shake our hips and pop our chests the whole time haha. It made me not like zumba and it would be hard to convince me to try it again. Hope your regular instructor is back next time!

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