Our new basement

As some of you already know, we recently renovated our basement. It was a HUGE endeavor - much more than we had ever anticipated. It took weeks of evenings dedicated to tearing down walls and throwing up spackle. It involved multiple pounds of acorn and animal poo from critters that had lived in the ceiling (I know - gross!), lots of dirt, dust, and mold. I was barely even involved in the whole ordeal and it STILL sucked for me.

Previously this was a dark, dreary, sort of damp room, that was split up by two doors right in the middle of the room, making it impossible to set up furniture to make it feel like a real room. We ended up cramming everything to one side of the room to make it feel like a family room, but then we were totally under utilizing the other side, which felt like such a waste of space.

Well, the basement is done - has been for a few weeks now - but I thought I'd share this image that D created "to showcase just how easy it is renovate a basement!!!" (Note: dripping with sarcasm.)

It's an amazing room, now set up with our brand new 40" TV, Playstation3, Gamecube, DVD player and laptop hookup with speakers (so that we can watch movies instantly on Netflix on the big screen TV), as well as our exercise equipment and beer fridge!! It's definitely become our "game" room, and is much better utilized now that it has a purpose.

Doesn't Dave do good work? He's such a handy husband to have around.


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