Week 34 - Picture, Dr. Appointment and Updates

I had my 34 week doctor appointment today. I'll go again in 36 weeks and then after that it's every week until delivery day!  Scheduling these appointments is getting to be hard, because I'm only scheduling them a week or two in advance and I really need morning appointment times.  They'll let me book up to two appointments at a time, but no more than that, so I'm going to have to just cross my fingers that I can get morning appointments for those last couple of weeks.  I like being able to do morning appointments - that way, I can go there before work, and just get to work a little later than normal (which is no big deal.)  Plus, there is still plenty of parking at the doctor's office (parking in Oakland can be a pain), still plenty of parking when I get to work, and the office is usually still running on schedule in the mornings.  Lots and lots of reasons why I do not want to have to come to work, leave mid-day, park, go to appointment, return back to work and have to park again. It just seems to take up so much time.

Wow, that was quite a rant... let's break things up with a picture.

Wow-ser, I'm big.

Anyway, everything is still going well.  Critter was still head down today, and still somewhat sideways, but the "mostly head down" piece is good news.  I am visibly heavier and bigger on my right side because that's where his butt is sticking out, and where his feet constantly kick me.  The nurse's aid actually laughed at how lopsided I looked when I pulled my shirt up so that they could check the heartbeat.

They found white blood cells in my urine, which could mean an impending infection.  I told them I wasn't having any other problems and explained that the abnormal urine could be from the fact that I ate about a pound and a half of pure salt this past weekend while traveling. I'm fairly certain I am STILL dehydrated from it. 

Other updates.

Weight gained so far: 29 pounds (but I bet at least some of that is water weight from the salt-fest weekend)

Stretch marks: Still none (but I still have at least 6 weeks to go!)

Belly Button: Still having an identity crisis; she's not sure if she wants to be an innie or an outie. 
BUT, the good news is that my obsession with my belly button has seemed to finally pass.  I think that's mostly because it no longer feels "weird" so I'm not constantly thinking about it. However the other day when I was choking on cranberry juice, I swear I felt it pop out and then back in.  Weirdest and grossest feeling yet.

6 (SIX!!?!!?) weeks left.  Let's break that down into days.  42 (FORTY TWO!?!?!?) days!


Corinne said...

I agree that doing anything downtown or in Oakland is much easier in the morning. I hope those appointments continue to be easy to schedule for you!

42 days?! Holy moly!! You look great!

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