In early June, I attended the first of the four baby showers that are being hosted in our honor this summer.  Well, I guess I should say that three are being hosted in our honor - the fourth is being hosted by DH "for" me, although we have both been integral parts of the planning process.  More on that shower later, since - yet - it's already happened.  Yes, I am that behind in posting.

In any case....

Shower #1 was and will be the only traditional baby shower that we're having.  But still, there were an impressive 22 (or maybe more?) people there, and I was definitely honored that so many people showed up.  It was held at a cute little shop in my hometown that also has a restaurant and hosts small gatherings.

The theme was rubber duckies, which was appropriate given my love for ducks as a youth and since - although ducks also work well for a baby boy shower because they usually are accompanied by blue colors for the water.  If we hadn't decided to do the jungle theme in our baby room - which I absolutely love and have no regrets about - I might have thought about doing a duck theme.

Anyway, we dined on spaetzle soup and salad, and then had cake, which was amazingly delicious.  Everyone filled out little "advice" cards and I'm going to do a separate post on some of the advice that I received.  Everyone also receive a little thing of scented hand lotion with a little rubber duck attached to the top and there was a Baby Lottery card where everyone got a scratch off ticket and the person who had three babies on their scratch off won a prize! It was really cute!

After food and cake it was present opening time. I can't even believe how much stuff we received.  It was really overwhelming.  It probably didn't help that I was super self-conscious about my too-short shrunken dress, or the fact that the place wasn't air-conditioned and I was - for some reason - sweating like crazy.  But my, oh my, did we get so many amazing things.

My niece had the very important job of passing me the presents, handing the opened cards to her mom (who was keeping track of who gave us what), taking the wrapping paper and putting it into a garbage bag, taking the opened gifts and putting them behind the chair, and all the while having the next gift ready to go.  Seriously that girl was multi-tasking like crazy and never fell behind.  She's got a bright future, that one...

Anyway, we got SOOOO much stuff.  Almost all of the bedding and blankets that we wanting, our baby Bjorn, the car seat and stroller (which you've already seen but was from my mom), the pack-and-play, the high chairs, bottles, bibs, utensils, bowls, toys.... seriously, I could go on and on and on.  I was overwhelmed by all of the stuff that we got and at that point could NOT believe that there was anything left on our registries for the other showers that would be coming up.  The generosity was amazing. 

Anyway, it was a great time and we are still working on getting everything washed and readied for the nursery.  Thanks so much, everyone! And especially to my mom, sisters, and aunts who did so much working getting things ready!


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