The Glider

Have I written about our glider yet?  I feel like I did, but I can't seem to find the post.  It was one of the bigger ticket items on our registry that we figured we might not get (since it was pretty expensive) but we really wanted on so we decided to put it on there anyway.

Well, DH's Dad and step-mom were oh-so-kind and bought it for us!  We were thrilled!!!

The glider wood color matches the color of the crib and the spray painted dressers perfectly.

One of our main criteria for a glider was that it have a high back, so that we could rest our head's back during the many long hours that we'll inevitably spend in this chair.

Here, DH demonstrates how he is going to rest and burp the baby.

Burping success.

I took the decidely more "lounging" approach.  Note the water marks on my belly.  I can't wash dishes without getting my shirt wet these days. 

We love the glider and were so glad to be able to "complete" this room.  It was the last piece of furniture we wanted.

Murphy loves the glider too, but has a love/hate relationship with it.  You see we've never had a rocking chair in our house, so he does not understand the concept of moving furniture.  For the most part, he can jump up onto the chair part of the glider with only mild terror at the fact that it moves.  But the ottoman is a whole other story.

For the first couple days that we had the thing set up, he would go into the room and try to jump onto the ottoman, only to quickly be thrown to the floor.  He would recover, get up, and take on a defensive stance, like he thought the ottoman might try something a second time.  When that didn't happen, he'd usually walk away.  After this happened two or three times, he gave up, and has not tried to jump onto either the chair or the ottoman since.

It's probably better that way.  At least one piece of furniture in our house won't be covered in dog fur. 



Corinne said...

haha Murphy was determined! And I hear ya on the dog-fur stuff. It's taking over our house right now!
Glad you got the glider you wanted! It looks suuuuuper comfy!

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