Maternity Outfits - Part 2

Time for Part 2 of the Maternity Outfits series!!

Here we go!!

Shirt: Free (from a co-worker)
Skirt: $1, Gabe's maternity clearance rack (and yes, it's actually a maternity skirt, although that doesn't really seem to matter with skirts)
Total cost: $1

I didn't like this shirt at all when I first got it, because it was too baggy in the belly, but I knew it had potential so I kept it.  Then I found that $1 gray skirt at Gabe's and suddenly this became one of my favorite outfits!  Now that I'm bigger, the shirt is more fitted, but without being uncomfortable.  Love it!!!

Shirt: Free (hand me down)
Skirt: Free (already owned, non-maternity skirt)
Total cost: Free

This one barely seems worth mentioning since I didn't spend a penny on it, but I love it as a work outfit since it's primarily black and looks more formal than most of my other maternity outfits.  Again, this shirt didn't really do much for me early on, but now that I'm bigger and fill it out, I like it!

Shirt: Free (hand me down)
Cami: $6.99, Gabe's
Capris: Free (hand me down)
Total cost: $6.99

These hand-me-downs really got a lot of wear starting in the 3rd trimester.  Most of it was too big for any earlier, and this is definitely not my favorite outfit in the world, but it adds some nice diversity to my wardrobe and is perfect for a cooler day when wearing two shirts and long-ish pants doesn't make sweat buckets.

Dress: $12.99, Gabe's (but it's Liz Lange Maternity/Target)
Total: $12.99

You've seen this dress before from the hospital wedding, but it's worth showing again.  Now that I'm a little bigger, it's getting a little shorter, and nothing gives me an outie belly button like this dress, but I still feel good in and love the ruffle collar.  It looks more and more like a hot air balloon from the side view (which I don't have a picture of right now) but with the bust area being more fitted, I'm generally ok with the "frump."

Shirt: $10.99
Skirt: Free (already owned, from Target)
Total cost: $10.99

This is more than I would usually pay for a shirt - especially a shirt that I didn't originally love - but as I started outgrowing most of my maternity wardrobe I found myself needing to purchase things that fit, even if the look wasn't totally what I was going for.  This shirt can be a little frumpy, but it's my favorite frump shirt. It's got a floral ruffle collar at the top and the gray color in the shirt matches the skirt color perfectly.  It's actually a cuter outfit in person than it is in this picture!  You'll see this outfit again soon when I show pictures of the "cabin shower."

Well, that's all for now!  If I get enough outfits together to do another post, I'll do one more.  Otherwise, I hope you enjoyed!


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