33 Weeks - Things I've Learned

I am now through week 33, with only 7 more to go.  The weight is finally starting to slow me down.  I used to be a super fast walker and now am just a normal walker, but depending on the day, sometimes I am out of breath even after a short walk.

I've gained 27 pounds so far, and assuming that I gain an average of 1 per week from here on out, hopefully I won't top out at more than 35 pounds gained total, which I am perfectly comfortable with.

There are some things that I've learned, the past couple of weeks, that I think
1. When cooking with the stove-top, remember your belly
Yesterday I was cooking stir-fry and noticed that my stomach was incredibly hot.  Turns out it's a lot closer to the heat than it used to be during my cook-fests.  I also somehow got a little soy sauce on it. Oops.  I'm just glad I didn't burn it.

2. When clothing isn't required, go without
Increasingly, I am running out of clothing items that fit comfortably, and still look good on me.  Somehow, my chest continues to grow, making it nearly inappropriate to wear many of the cute maternity tank tops I purchased awhile back. Additionally, many shirts that are more fitted irritate my incredibly sensitive belly skin, and creates an almost sort of chaffing feeling.  When I'm home, I now am exclusively clad in nothing more than a sports bra and some running shorts.

3. People are going to comment on your size
When someone tells you "look great," just say "thanks."  There's no reason to try to argue with them - they'll just argue with you more.  People are going to comment about your size.  It sucks, but get used to it. 

Actually I'm sure I've learned a lot more than those 3 things, but they're really standing out for me right now. 

Anyway, believe it or not, 33 weeks was LAST week so tomorrow you'll get to see the pic from 34 weeks! Woo hoo!


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