You can't lose your dog if...

This past weekend we went to Baltimore for a quick trip that included about 10 hours in the car, 4 hours of sleep, and about 12 hours actually spent in Baltimore.

We were there to celebrate the (surprise) 50th birthday party of DH's step mom, and I believe that it was quite successful.  Early in the afternoon, I assisted with decorating which included tying ribbon to helium balloons.  I got the genius idea to tie one of the balloons to a dog, and it was hilarious, especially considering that he couldn't care less.


Chillin' (with Murph watching)
During all of this picture taking I also took a short video which isn't really interesting enough to post here.  But in that video I made the claim "You can't lose your dog if you tie a balloon to him."  Which I'm pretty sure is not true.  Ok, it's definitely not true.

Especially since silly me didn't tie the string to his collar tight enough, so at one point when he scratched the balloon detached and immediately started flying away.

It was actually quite pretty. 

And of course, all we did was tie another balloon to poor Dillon anyway.

Sometimes the smallest things can be so incredibly amusing.


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