The Funk

I know that I haven't written much lately, and mostly that's because not a lot has been going on recently.  But in addition to that, I'm already started to fell the cold-weather funk. The same funk that I was in last winter, and is already returning even though it's only fall.  I don't think this summer was long enough or warm enough (or perhaps I just didn't get to enjoy it enough) for me to be ready for cold weather already.

Murph loves the cooler weather - me, not so much

The weather was sunny today, but unfortunately I was indoors, at work during all of it.  I leave the house - it's dark. I drive home - the sun is setting.  It's sad, and I hate the short days of winter.  I'm in trouble this winter if I'm already feeling this way, since it's only October 7th.

So what's my plan?  Great question! I wish there was an easy answer... but for now, there are a few things that I know are important.
  1. Stay warm - Feeling cold just makes me want to curl up into a ball under my electric blanket. 
  2. Exercise - Helps with #1 and is a good way to stay in shape during the winter months where you can't do much outside. 
  3. Do things - This sounds easy enough, but it's hard for me to get motivated in the winter.  I need people to ask me to do things, and when I say no - as I inevitably will - I need people to push me. I almost always have a good time when I go out and do things, but getting the motivation to go is something I struggle with. 

The key here is motivation - I need to find it, catch it, and then wrestle it into a cage where I can keep it all for myself throughout the entire winter.  Hopefully it's warm and fluffy and cute... all of my favorite things.

What do you do to stay motivated in the winter?


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