Fall TV - Part 1

After a sad and dismal summer, the fall TV line-up is finally here!  I am excited because having a lot of shows that I motivated to watch means that I will be motivated to exercise as well.  I try to make it a goal of mine to not watch TV unless I am exercising while doing it.  Otherwise, I feel like it's counterproductive, because if I'm just sitting on the couch, I'm probably eating or snacking as well.

But the end of last season marked the end of a lot of my favorite shows, including Lost and Flash Forward, so now I find myself needing to fall in love with new shows. Ugh... time investment.  Oh well.  There are some promising options.  Here is part 1 of what I'm watching so far, with more to come in the near future as we work our way through out DVR. 

The Event
The Event is like Lost meets Flash Forward meets 24 meets V.  Seriously.  In fact, there are so many similarities to those shows (the vanishing plane from Lost, the jumps in time from Flash Forward, and the black screens with character names straight from 24, the aliens that look just like humans from V) that it's almost annoying, but considering that I liked all  of those shows, I want to give this one a fair chance.

So far, here is what I gather about the plot.  A man and his girlfriend are on a cruise when suddenly she disappears and all of his identity is poofed (gone.)  In the meantime, the president of the United States is visiting a compound in Alaska that holds questionable prisoners, but we're not sure what they did.  Then, in present day, we see the man who lost his girlfriend on a plane with a gun, trying to stop the pilot from doing something.  Oh wait, what he's doing is trying to stop the pilot from crashing the plane into the President's vacation home.  As it's about to happen, the plane poofs, just like the girlfriend. Gone.  One of the "prisoners" from the Alaskan compound, who is at the President's house, and who is apparently an alien says "I haven't told you everything, Mr. President."

Lone Star


I hadn't even heard of this one or seen any previews of it, but it popped up on our DVR, I watched it, and am now intrigued.
This show is about a young, attractive con-man, living multiple lives with multiple wives and scamming people out of their money with fake oil fields.  What has me coming back for more is an incredibly charismatic main character, that is so inherently evil yet the viewer is convinced that he has some good left in him, so we found ourselves rooting for him even though he continues to rip people off.
My initial feelings about this show are positive, but this is one that I'm definitely going to need to do a follow-up post on.

Update: So I just heard that they're canceling this show!!! What!?!?! I am so bummed. I was actually really intrigued by this show and was looking forward to seeing where they went with it... Definitely a disappointment, especially since so far there hasn't been that much else that has caught my attention.

My Generation
We watched one episode of this show and we hated it - in fact, we almost didn't finish.  No surprise that this one is being canceled already.  We stopped recording it before we even got to the second episode.

More to come soon, but in the meantime... 
What are YOU watching this season?!? Let me know in the comments below, since so far, this season isn't looking so hot!


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