Mums mean fall

I used to love fall.  In fact, back in the day, I would quite confidently tell you that fall was my favorite season.  I liked wearing sweaters and jeans, and appreciate the generally clear skies and cool weather.

But now I live in the country and fall means raking leaves, digging up the garden, and wrapping arborvitaes in deer block mesh stuff.  It means work.  On top of that, after last winter - the worst winter ever - I am not ready for another winter.  Fall means impending winter, thus another strike against fall.

Spring is now officially my new favorite season.

But it's fall and there's not much I can do about it.  So I decided to brighten up my fall just a little with a beautiful bright mum. 

It's bright and pink and blooming like a beautiful spring flower!  And even though mums mean fall, fall becomes a little easier to tolerate when I have something like on my porch.

I love mums... but that doesn't mean that I love fall.  Spring - I hope you come back soon!


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