The Mario Mosaic

Recently the Consol Energy Center unveiled the Mario Mosaic - an awesome mosaic of fan-submitted photos covering a wall of the center. I had heard about it a long time ago, back when you could submit pictures for it, but I had no idea how cool it would actually be.

Image from

You can check out an online version of it here:

AND! If you submitted a photo you can search for it on the mosaic to see where you are.  If I was even just slightly more interested in hockey (I know - it's basically blasphemy that I live in Pittsburgh and don't worship hockey), I would have probably submitted a picture myself.  I love the concept of being a small part of something way bigger than myself, and this project is definitely a great example of that.


Corinne said...

I was just kept zooming in further and further until I got to the actual pictures - how cool!

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