Random Updates

1. My tooth still hurts.
On Wednesday night I woke up at 1 a.m. because of throbbing pain.  I tried to fall back asleep but after half an hour I realized that this was the kind of pain that could keep me awake all night.  I got out of bed, took a Vicodin, and did actually fall asleep.
On top of that, I have had headaches pretty much all this week.  I am blaming the tooth problems and the stress that the pain has been causing me.

And yet I still feel convinced that not doing anything is better right now than going back and having more work done on the tooth.  I may not be sane. 

2. Murph turned 7!!!
In all of my selfish agony, we missed Murphy's birthday! He turned 7 on October 19th (our made up birthday for him, although we think we're pretty close, at least on the month.)  Since we forgot to celebrate on the 19th, we gave him yummy people food the next night and put a candle in his dog dish.  He definitely did not appreciate that but it was funny to watch nonetheless.

So instead, we decided to wrap him in a blanket, because he likes to be warm, and because our house feels like the Arctic circle inside. 

Happy Burthday Murphday!


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