Our First Friday Wedding

Two weekends ago DH and I both took off of a work for a day to drive to Delaware for our first Friday wedding.

I'm still not sure what I think about Friday weddings.  On one hand, it was nice to have the entire weekend left after the wedding, and I'm sure that having the event on a Friday saved them a ton of money.  On the other hand, DH and I both had to use vacation days, and he only gets two a year, so they're really a precious commodity.  We decided that we were going to make this wedding a priority and take the day off to attend, but we could have easily had something going on at work that meant that we were going to have to miss out on this because of the date.  Also, because most local guests did work that day, the ceremony didn't start until 5 or 5:30 and thus the reception didn't really get under way until around 8 p.m.  That's late for dinner (for us at least) but I guess if your guests are prepared, it's fine.  We're just idiots.  We were starving.

The weather was absolutely beautiful that day, although a little chilly.  It seems like whenever we're in Delaware we have amazing weather, and DH tries to convince me to move there.  Not happening!

The church - isn't that sky amazing?!?

 Doesn't DH look incredibly proud in the picture?

There was a cute but cold cocktail hour outside and then we piled inside for dinner.  As you might recall, this wedding was the day after my horribly traumatic tooth experience.  I was originally selected steak for my entree but was worried that I would be able to chew it.  Luckily, for whatever reason, the waiter had too many chickens and not enough steaks at our table (I think because people didn't remember what they ordered, and the staff had no way of knowing) so I was able to get chicken after all.  It was delicious and so tender and easy to chew.  I was really happy.

Sadly, we had to leave shortly after dinner and so I didn't get to do any dancing at all!  I took one quick snapshot of the dance floor, and then we had to head out. 

Looks like so much fun!

Congratulations to the beautiful bride and groom!  We're sorry that we had to leave so early but we had an amazing time while we were there!


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