S&A's wedding

I mentioned awhile back that we attended a wedding the night before leaving for Mexico.

It was an absolutely beautiful day, and although it was hot, the temperature had finally dropped out of the 90+ plus range like it had been in all week.  Good thing too.  This reception was outdoors.

The groom went to grad school with DH, so we were got to hang out with all of his grad school friends, which is always a good time.

The bride and groom rode in on the back of an old, antique (is that redundant?) car.  Very cute, although after pricing wedding-related transportation for my own wedding two years, could only think "Wow, I wonder how much that cost."

Her dress was really beautiful.  Lately I've been seeing so many brides choosing dresses that are more form fitting.  The style of dress that I chose was really trendy at the time of my wedding (A-line with rouching, bubble hem, and a pick-up style skirt), and I have absolutely no regrets about my choice of dress.  But now, as I watch styles change, I wonder what I would have picked if I had been getting married this year instead.  I'm not so sure that I would be able to able to pull off the form-fitted look.

Anyway, if you look really closely, see how the bottom of her dress has the accordion folding?  I remember thinking when we were in the church, "How in the world is she going to bustle that?!?" and then just decided that there was probably no way.

And I was right!

Sort of.. Instead of bustling, the entire underside of the dress was removed, and it made the cutest cocktail/reception dress!  I loved waltzing around in my full dress at my reception, but if it had been outdoors, I definitely would have considered something like this because believe me when I saw that my dress could hold some heat!  I remember sitting down after pictures (outside, in the sun, mind you) and I lifted up my dress and could just feel a "woosh!" of heat.  It was incredible.

How do I constantly get so off-topic???

Anyway, the reception venue had this amazing lake next to it.  I have never, ever, in my entire life, ever, seen a lake that was so reflective.  Seriously.  Don't these pictures look like something out of a magazine?

It was awesome.  Just think about how good these pictures could have looked it had a decent camera and was better at editing?

I don't have pictures of much else, but let me just tell you, this wedding had EVERYTHING that you could imagine.  The bride is an artist and works in the advertising industry.  She is SO creative.  It was like every single neat or cool idea that I had ever seen in a wedding blog or magazine, here at this wedding, including:
  • Little flags for the cocktails with the bride and grooms names
  • Flip flops for the girls
  • Personalized streamers on sticks to wave as they exited the curch
  • Grass plants carved into table numbers
  • A guest book where you wrote a postcard and put it in an envelope inside the guest book
  • A second "guest book" of sorts where you put your thumb in green ink, stamped it onto this big drawing of a tree, and wrote your name above it
  • A candy bar
  • A photo booth (once I scan our pictures I'll be sure to post them!)
  • Table cards with our names on them hanging from rope between trees outside, holding packets of seeds

And I could go on and on.  Seriously. The thought and detail that went into everything was really impressive.

But instead I'll just re-post this picture that I put up at the start of the Mexico posts.

Because I love it


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