Garden Fresh Recipes - Hawaiian Chicken Kabobs

Hawaiian chicken kabobs are one of DH's favorite meals.  He loves the grilled pineapple aspect of it, but I was excited to make them this year because it was the first year that I was growing peppers!!!

I had two pepper plants - one orange and one red.  Both of them were doing amazing, but then we had some really heavy rain and a bunch of the peppers fell off and got all soggy.  THEN I noticed that two of the remaining four peppers had holes in them and were rotting.  So I kept an eye on the final two peppers and when I started to fear that they might go bad, I picked them.

Sadly, one of them had already started to rot, so I threw it away, leaving me with only 1 good pepper out of the 6 that I originally started with. VERY sad....

Anyway, here's the recipe - this is VERY easy and quick!

Hawaiian Chicken Kabobs

1/2 to 3/4 pound chicken
1 medium sized red pepper
1 can pineapple chunks
1 packet of McCormick Hawaiian Luau marinade (need oil and vinegar for this)
Grilling skewers

1. Mix marinade and soak your skewer in water so that they don't burn.  Set aside about 3 tablespoon of the marinade for basting later on.
2. Cut your chicken into chunks and put in the marinade. Refrigerate.
3. Cut the pepper into 1 inch squares.
4. Once the chicken has marinated long enough to suite your tastes, start adding the three ingredients. 

Chicken, pepper, pineapple and repeat

A close-up of the finished product

Goes well with garlic bread, heated on the grill!

Throw them on the grill for about 8 minutes, flipping them once with tongs halfway through.


My two cents:
1. Use pineapple CHUNKS not tidbits.  Tidbits are too small and fall off too easily.
2. The weird colored pepper tasted great - do not listen to your husband when he says that he's afraid of a multi-colored pepper that had a little water in it!


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