Here we go again...

(Note: This was actually supposed to post yesterday - 9/29 - but I accidentally forgot to schedule it go go up.  So, please pretend that it's Thursday when you're reading this. Thanks.) 


Seriously, do you really want to hear about this?  I hate it, but it's necessary. 

I joke that summers are my "fattening up" times, but it's actually true.  In the summer, it's too hot to exercise (yes we have air-conditioning but it's not enough) and there's nothing that tempts me quite like a cold beer on the porch on a warm summer evening.  There's also nothing like eating Wendy's on one of our many summer roadtrips, or ordering chicken fingers and fries at Bennigan's in the Dallas airport.

Summer is characterized as carefree! Fun! Lazy! Dog days of summer!

For me, it's characterized with eating! Drinking! No exercising! Sunbathing! Reading! Lounging! Traveling! All-you-can-eat-and-drink-Mexican-vacations!

And we all know where that path leads.

So now it's fall and there are no more "it's too hot" excuses.

Of course, last week I had the "I hurt my knee" excuse, but that seems to be over now, so I will take it easy (on my knee) without doing anything that might hurt it again (or more.)

So starting today! (because to be completely honest, I ate two donuts yesterday - yesterday was shot) I will start dieting again.  This isn't about massive weight loss or anything - 5 to 10 pounds is all I'm asking for - but it is about at the very least maintaining what I have going on right now, and a little toning and firming on the side wouldn't hurt either.

Here are my goals:

1. Track my calories, every day, starting on 9/29/10
2. Light weight training on Mondays and Wednesdays with some cardio if possible
3. Minimum of 45 minutes of cardio three other days - Tuesday and Thursday for sure, and hopefully one day on the weekend

It sounds so easy written out like that, but I know it will be much, much more challenging that it sounds.


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