Impromtu Steelers Party

A few weeks back, on DH's older brother's last night in Pittsburgh, we had a little gathering at our house.  As a going-away gift, we - along with the younger brother and his wife - gifted the older brother with a Steeler's jersey, something he had apparently mentioned awhile back that he wanted.

I had received a Steeler's jersey myself back in February, right AFTER football season was over, and hadn't had an occasion to wear it yet.  So, I put mine one and the two of our waltzed around with Steeler's pride.

Later in the evening, DH's younger brother - who wished like hell that he had brought his jersey with him - put on a Steeler's colors t-shirt that he had.  DH and I went through our dresser drawers and managed to produced enough Steeler's themed gear to clothe every other single human present at our home with something Steeler's.

Testing the self-timer on the camera in preparation for "the shot"

Out of that, my friends, this picture was born.


(And before you ask, let me just say that YES, DH is pretending to punt Murphy.  He doesn't seem to mind though!)


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