Labor Day

I realize that I never mentioned how I spent my Labor Day, and after going through some of my pictures on my camera, decided that it was worth a belated post.

The long weekend started on Saturday with a beautiful boat ride on the Susquehanna river, in the afternoon-approaching-evening as the sun was starting to set.

And on the way back stopped to watch some rock jumpers.

Looks fun, but I would never have the guts to try it myself.

That evening we went to a demolition derby, a life-long dreams of my husband's finally fulfilled.  While mildly entertaining, it was not worth the $12 per person admission fee.

 On Sunday, it was too cool for swimming, so we canoed across the river, heading for the tiny island that you can see in the distance in the picture below:

(Pictures below were taken using an underwater camera, which is why the picture quality and color isn't as good as the images above.)

After a lot of work, we finally reached it. 

To find that it had a crazy structure built on it, which apparently is called a "duck blind."

After clearing out the cobwebs, I went inside and declared myself queen of the duck blind (let's add that to the list of things I'd never say.)

And then, having explored the entire, tiny island, we heading back. 

Sometimes it's nice to have a relatively relaxing, stress-free weekend.  Labor Day was definitely that for me.

What did you do on Labor Day weekend?


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