Holy Tomatoes

I know that I've mentioned the tomatoes in other posts, but have I REALLY told you about the tomatoes?  I don't think I have..

We started with two tiny $4 tomato plants from the Home Depot.  Roma variety, plum shaped. I don't even really care for tomatoes all that much, but I LOVE how the plants smell.  So I plant them.

Two plants!!!

We put these these plant sin tomato cages, but they quickly outgrew them and were drooping and snapping from the weight of all of the tomatoes.  We then had to go out and buy the triangle tomato fencing to encircle the original cage.  I delicately pulled the stems off of the ground while DH put the fence into place, and then we carefully rested the stems onto the fence.  It was like open-heart surgery or something similarly intricate.

Falling over from the weight of the tomatoes

You hear and read a lot of things about tomato plants that supposedly make them grow better.  Coffee grounds, eggshells, and other totally absurd-sounding things.  I can tell you that I did none of those things this year, and other than a truckload of manure, none of my plants received any supplemental nutrition. 

And my general non-love of tomatoes? Well, I quickly devised dozens of ways to use them in our recipes, and now I'm a huge fan of fresh tomatoes, although I still don't really like to eat them in their raw form.  But cook them up and I'm all in.  And if you don't believe, look at 95% of my recipes that I've posted this season - I swear they all involve tomatoes.


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