Creaky Bed No More!!!

If you're my friend on Facebook, you probably heard that Dave and I have an incredibly creaky bed.  All inappropriate comments aside, the creaky bed has been driving us crazy.

It's been getting increasingly creaky over the past 2 years, and had gotten to the point where I was afraid to get out of bed in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom because I was afraid of waking up both Dave and our 90 year old neighbor who lives at the top of the hill behind our house.  It was THAT loud.

We problem-solved unsuccessfully.  We would take off the mattress and jump on it.  No creak.  We would take off the boxspring and shake it around - no creak. We would put the mattress on the boxspring on the floor and then lay on it - still not creak.  Finally we shook the bed frame to see if that was the problem... do you see where this is going?  No creak.

We couldn't replicate the sound once the bed was not totally set up, which was incredibly frustrating.  One Sunday afternoon I had a spurt of energy and motivation (which Dave can attest is extremely rare for me on Sunday afternoons!)  I single-handedly removed the mattress and got it into the hall.  I then sat on the boxspring trying to identify the source of the creak.  After much examination, I believed that I had a solution!  You see, the bed is a wooden frame, that had 3 wooden support slats.  When I pushed on these slats, they moved, even when they were properly tightened against the floor.  To top it all off, the metal support beams that we got by purchasing the warranty on the bed (which we later contested and received store credit for) weren't supporting the weight of the boxspring and mattress at all because the wooden slats were so much high than the metal ones.

I immediately decided that we needed to get metal support beams to replace the wooden ones, and went about calling all of the furniture companies near us.  No one sold metal support beams, including the company that we got them from originally.

I proceeded to make a purchase on one of the shadiest websites I have ever done business with (seriously - my dog could have made a better looking website.)  And $75 later, I had a box in my driveway that was sufficiently destroyed.  Great.....

But, this story has a happy ending - the beams worked! See the crappy wooden ones that Dave is sitting on?

Dave was a plumber in a past life

A variety of beams under the bed....

If you know Dave, you'll know that he believes that there's one key step that will make any construction or renovation project successful....

Always check your level!

Once everything was finished, the bed was so silent that Dave and I talked for nearly about how quiet it was.  It's days like those that I really feel like we're a weird old married couple...


Melissa said...

HAHAHA - this was cute. Years ago, when i moved into a new apartment, my mom & i put together my bed. We felt ALL proud of ourselves, that we did that together with no help from the men! Well, i went to bed that night - SQUEAK!!!! LOUD all the time! SO annoying! I knew it was b/c we didn't screw the bolts & beams in tight enough. Next time i moved, my dad did it & the squeak was gone! HAHA.

Glad it's better now! :)

My hubby is like that with the leveler! HA!