Weird places we put our dog, Take 1

Over the next couple of days I'm going to chronicle for you what ridiculous things can happen to a dog when two people are cooped up inside, surrounded by 80 thousand feet of snow, with nothing but said dog for entertainment. 

I recently renewed my subscription to Time magazine.  Everything that I know about current events and news comes from either Time magazine or The Today Show.  Seriously.

Anyway, along with my subscription renewal, I apparently earned a free duffel bag.  But it's kind of a stupid duffel bag - too small to use as a "weekend" bag and too ugly to use for anything else.

So, we did what any other non-self-respecting humans would do - we put our dog in it.

See the weather radar on the TV in the background?  Snow, snow, and more snow.  And don't I look crazy!?!?  That's what snow and cold does to me....

We were reminded that we have one of the most tolerant dogs in the universe.  We can basically do anything we want with him, and he just sits there and looks cute.

Even Dave got in on the action, calling this his "man satchel."  Actually, maybe I called it that...

But don't they look cute together!??

So, what do you think about this series so far? Do you want to see more of the ridiculous places that we've put our dog in the past?


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