Buffalo Chicken Sliders

This can hardly be considered a recipe... But, if your "dining out" budget has been exhausted and yet you're craving the hot, greasy goodness that is a buffalo chicken sandwich (like I oh-so-often do), these little guys just might be good enough to tease your tastebuds into thinking that you're at a bar.

It can't get much easier.

- Frozen chicken breast tenders
- Frank's brand hot buffalo wing sauce
- Mini potato rolls

Cook the chicken tenders, and as soon as they come out of the oven, put them in a bowl and pour buffalo sauce on them.  Then flip the nuggets over and pour on more sauce.  Then, place 2 nuggets on one mini potato roll.  And if you're extra crazy like me, you'll rub the underside of the top of the potato roll into the bowl that holds the extra buffalo sauce before placing it on top of the tenders. 

(Warning: Being extra crazy like this may result in a flaming hot sensation in your abdominal region for up to 6 hours, and may or may not make you reconsider your love of all things buffalo for at least 3 days.)

Goes great with a Bud Light Lime.  (If you're laughing at me for liking Bud Light, first, please go out and try a Bud Light LIME. They are A. MAZE. ING.  Best beer ever. Well, maybe not ever.  But for right now at least.)



Anonymous said...

these look fabulous and I will be trying them out :)

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