Weird places we put our dog, Take 2

I'm going to start out this post by saying that "Weird Place That We Put Our Dog" number 2 was totally Dave's idea.  I believe I was in the bedroom, folding clothes or something, when he excitedly called me into the spare bedroom. 

To show me this.

A dresser drawer.  Why?

Well why not!?!? Do you SEE how deep those drawers are!!??? They're ridiculous! I could practically fit in one of them.

Anyway, the weird thing about this weird place was how much Murphy seemed to enjoy it.

Although, now that I'm looking at it closely,what's not for a dog to love?  Soft clothing, an enclosed cave-like area... It's really just an elevated bed for him.

The other day my mom sent me an e-mail to let me know that Murphy seems to put up with a lot.  It's true.. but he gets a lot of love in return.  If we ever thought that he was scared or unhappy, we wouldn't do these things to him anymore.  But he's just so complacent, how can we not!?


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