A Dog Year

I just finished reading the book "A Dog Year" by Jon Katz.  If you've been taking note of my book reviews recently, you might notice that the last one was for "Dewey," a book about a cat.

You see, when I start reading a certain author or sometimes a certain topic, I go all the way.  I read every single book that I can by that author, and then go on the waiting lists for the ones that I can't get.  Stephenie Meyers? Check.  Jodi Picoult?  Double check.  Douglas Preston? James Patterson? Check check.  Dan Brown?  Working on his latest....

Knowing that, it should come as no surprise to you that when I decided that I enjoyed "Dewey" enough to continue reading more animal/pet nonfiction, I went all out. 

The sad part is, there isn't nearly as much good nonfiction about animals as I would have hoped.  I have already checked out the vast majority of options at the Northland Public Library. 

I started with "A Dog Year" because I had enjoyed Jon Katz's writing in the past, and this one definitely didn't disappoint.  You know an animal book is good if it has you in tears less than half-way through.

The stars of "A Dog Year" are 2 border collies.  As is my style, I immediately decided that Murph might have some border collie in him.  Crazy running and nipping when he hasn't gotten enough exercise?  Murph does that!  Wanting to go EVERYWHERE with us and being destructive when left behind?  Another border collie characteristic that Murph shares.

 And doesn't he sort of look like a border collie? 

I think part of the reason that I like this book so much is that every day of my life is like "A Dog Year."  This blog in itself tends to be more about my pet and my interactions with him than much else. (Perhaps I should start writing animal non-fiction?)  He's the apple of my eye, and I'm afraid to think about what I'll be like as a parent if I'm this enamored with my dog.  I don't think the world is ready....

So, if you're animal lover like me, and you haven't already read this book (I think it was published in 2003) I definitely recommend that you check it out. 


Emily said...

Have you read "Amazing Gracie"?
It is about a dog and is so sweet. I even bought a dog cookbook written by the same author.

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