8 years ago yesterday

8 years ago yesterday Dave and I "officially" started dating.  I saw officially because we were friends for over a year and half before this time, and had been on dates, but were not exclusive.

We started officially dating when we were in New Orleans on Spring Break, in the "jungle" area of the Baronne Plaza hotel, which closed for awhile following Hurrican Katrina, but now seems to be back up and running.  It's incredible nice and still appears to be one of the best deals around. AND it's only like two blocks from Bourbon Street.  We've stayed there twice now!

Anyway, the night before, Dave had professed his love to me by saying, "Dippold! I want to lay next to you for the rest of my life. I think you're great!"  Very romantic, right?  I will admit that at least a few drinks were involved prior to his declaration.

So the next day we decided to make it official, and the day after that, we headed off to Panama City, Florida.  We found a bar that did a happy hour special from 5 to 7 - $5 all you can drink.  This place was clearly designed around Spring Breakers.  The concept was great - you paid your $5 up front and for the next 2 hours the waitress filled your cup constantly, even if it was over half full still.  At about 6:30 that night, Dave said to the waitress, "Have you met my girlfriend Lisa? She's as beautiful as the sun."  We all just laughed and the waitress moved.  Clearly Dave is known for his one-liners.

Eight years later, we're married with a dog, we own a house, we both have jobs.  Life is crazy when you look back at where you started and think about how far you've come.  When I first met Dave in fall of 2000, he told me that he had just ended a relationship and wasn't allowing himself to date anyone for 7 years.  Almost exactly 7 years later, we were married. 

Happy 8 year date-iversary, Dave!  Shall we plan a visit back to New Orleans for our 10 year?

(Oh, and extra points for Dave for even remembering this anniversary! It seems like once you have a wedding anniversary you forget about your first anniversary - which we call our date-iversary - and I totally forgot!!!)


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