Baby Pool Fun

Although I probably should be embarrassed, I am not afraid to admit that I owned an inflatable baby pool for my own recreational purposes long before the thought of having an actual baby to use it crossed my mind.  I like water and swimming and sun more than most people, so during the summers when I would sit outside in my blazing hot backyard, I wanted to have a little oasis to cool off in when the sweating really started to get to me.  I would fill my little baby pool with cold water straight from the hose. Sometimes I would put my beach chair in the pool and just chill my feet.  Other times I would sit my entire body in the pool and prop my head up against my chair and read a book.  Other times I would let Murph jump in with me and we would splash and play around (although ultimately he would usually take on the task of trying to drink the pool dry, which always resulted in our fun ending with watery vomit.)

I've always loved my baby pool.  But now that I have a real baby to go with it, I love it even more.

On Memorial Day we blew up my inflatable pool, filled it with water and let it warm up for about 3 hours.  It was so hot that weekend that we probably didn't even need to wait that long, although the water was certainly an idea temperature.  Then we slathered our fair-skinned child in sunscreen, put on his swim diaper and swim trunks and took him outside to the biggest bathtub he had yet to encounter.

To say that he was excited was an understatement.  We lathered him up with sunscreen and took some of his bath toys outside to play with. He begrudgingly agreed to wear the "Fishin' Buddy" hat that we put on his head (his usual hat was MIA.)

Murph demonstrating how he attempts to drink the pool dry....

At one point all three of us were sitting in that tiny pool together, with Murph on the edge continuing to drink the water.  No picture of that, obviously, since we were all in there together, but I'm pretty sure it was adorable.

With mommy...

He absolutely loved his first pool session and I am sure that there will be many more this summer.  It's actually too bad that there are so few weekends that we're actually going to be home this summer, otherwise I could us making this an annual tradition. 

Love the expression on his face in this one

Yay for pool time!


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