Did you miss me?

As is the case every single summer, we already feel too busy. Every single weekend is scheduled with some sort of activity and most require multiple hours of travel.  Add to that a baby that is so crazy mobile we can't leave him alone for a minute, plus my attempt to lose 7 pounds that seemed to come from nowhere just in time for swimming weather and I've been one busy girl.

There is so much to tell and show.  We spent a three day weekend in upstate New York hiking waterfalls and visiting wineries.  We attended two weddings, EH went swimming again and he spent a night with his Grandpa and Grandie.  I am also over two full months into my 2012 garden.  Like I said, sooo much to show and tell.

Oh, and of course, there's this really cute baby to show off. 

So, continue to bear with me while I attempt to catch up with all that is going on with our lives!  I'm assuming you're all doing fun and wonderful things with your summer as well, so you probably don't even miss me!


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