10 Month Photo Shoot

Last weekend we took EH to get some pictures taken at Picture People.  We had a coupon for an $18 package, but of course we ended up spending over $50.  Although in the grand scheme of photography costs, $50 is still really quite cheap.

There were a lot of cute pictures that they took, but we decided on two of our favorites as well as a family portrait.  We only bought one sheet of the family portrait and then immediately sent it away for framing before we realized that we should have scanned it, so I'm going to have to show that one in it's framed form once we get it back.

This first picture totally captures EH's essence right now - he always has his tongue out these days and it's basically his way of smiling!!!

But every once in a while he'll give us a more classic smile as well.

He was a great little photography subject, and everyone at Picture People - other customers and the employees - were all commenting on what a little ham he was for the camera.  He loved it!


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