He's Crawling!!!

EH is officially crawling now.  The last few days have been a whirlwind of development.

On Thursday he went from being on his stomach to the sitting position all on his own.  On Friday he walked across a room by himself, holding onto a bouncy chair.  On Saturday he was sitting on the floor playing, and when I turned around he was standing and holding onto his toy!!! It's just been crazy!

And then today he started crawling - something we swore he would never do based on how much he hated being on his stomach!

I couldn't decide which video to post, so here are all three.

First crawl!

A better view of the crawl.

A pretty bad crawl but a cute grand finale.

EH is so much fun right now I just can't stand it. All we want to do in the evenings is play with him.  If DH didn't make me cook dinner for him, I'm pretty sure I'd just eat a granola bar on the floor, or wait to eat dinner until EH was in bed.

In any case, we are just loving this age.  He's always smiling, always happy to see up, and his sleep schedule has never been better.  So far 10 months = favorite age. 


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