Fingerlakes Weekend - Watkins Glen State Park

Our Fingerlakes weekend vacation was inspired by a picture that DH tore out of magazine years ago.  He stuck it on the refrigerator and there it stayed, until one day we were talking about taking a long weekend sort of vacation, and I said, "Hey, what if we go to Watkins Glen, that place in the picture on the fridge?"

And thus the weekend was born.

Watkins Glen State Park is an enormous gorge full of beautiful waterfalls.  We got there early (and if you ever go, definitely get there as early as possible because by 10 a.m. the place was horrendously overcrowded and it was so annoying having to wait behind people while they stopped in the middle of a walkway and proceeded to take 10 dozen pictures with no regard to all of the people they were holding) while it was still cool, and there were only a few other cars in the parking lot.

This park is gorgeous.  We took hundreds and hundreds of pictures, but sometimes it just seems impossible to capture true natural beauty in a photograph.  I'm sure if you've ever been anywhere beautiful and you tried to capture it in a photo to show others, you know exactly what I mean.  There is no chance that you'll understand how amazing this place was from the pictures I'm going to post here, but it's still pretty enough that I'm going to post some anyway.

The entrance to the park

DH in front of one of the many, many waterfalls

The picture above is a great visual reminder of the power of water cutting through rocks.  The tops of those rocks used to be ground level where the water flower, but over time the river cut the rock away to create the gorge that it is now

 So many waterfalls.... 

The is basically the exact same picture that we had hanging on our fridge for so many years; see DH over there on the left?

There were sooooo many stairs

Natural beauty

I could post a hundred more pictures, but honestly, it's the sort of place that you really should just visit yourself.  And it's inspired us to make a more concerted effort to visit other state and national parks to explore local nature, especially in a couple of years when EH will be old enough to appreciate it with us.


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