First Tooth!

On Sunday morning EH woke up cranky.  He's normally at his happiest first thing in the morning so this was definitely out of the ordinary.  We didn't think much of it at first, but 6 hours later when he was still pretty cranky, I put my finger on his gums to feel for teeth and was shocked when I actually felt one!!!

Our baby got his first tooth!

EH bit down on my finger, and wow, that little sucker was sharp!

For historical purposes, let it be known that we first became aware of this first tooth on Sunday, May 27, 2012.  Put it in the baby book!!!

I've been holding off on posting this news because I kept thinking that I would take a picture of it and post, but it's hard to get a picture of a tooth on the bottom row when EH has his tongue sticking out all the time.

So no picture. Yet at least.  But a tooth is a tooth, right?  And I'm sure (confident, really) that there will be maaaany more teeth in the near future!


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