He Knows....

Murphy's relationship with EH is fascinating and I have a post already started that will go into it in more detail, based on a comment that someone left me a while back.  The dynamic is really interesting and I think it could be helpful to anyone who has animals in the house and is thinking about adding a baby in the future.

This picture (taken with my camera phone, hence the non-standard photo size) actually says a lot.

Murphy knows that EH is his bet chance at getting an unexpected treat.  EH knows that Murphy isn't going to hurt or bother him, and so he ignores him for the most part.  They're not exactly friends yet, but it's going to happen very soon. I know it. 

And why would EH care about that silly dog anyway?  He's got balloons, people! BALLOONS! Coolest things on earth! So exciting that he literally screams and quivers with excitement when I bring them close to him.  It's hilarious.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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