Thanks for the diapers!

This past week we received our first gift of diapers! We had them on all of our registries, but hadn't gotten any yet! I could barely believe it, but then I remembered that people probably wouldn't get excited about gifting something that was going to be disposed of after being filled with poop or pee.

The real mystery, though, is WHO are these diapers from?!? They were shipped by Amazon,  addressed to Critter, by someone who clearly knows our address, but there was no return address or mention of who they were from.
So if the sender happens to be a reader, please let me know it was you! In the meantime, an advanced "thank you" for being the first person to give us diapers. I hear we're going to need them!


Kate said...

Kate Lukaszewicz!

For my birthday, I got a book that I wanted, but have no idea who sent it.

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