The Hospital Wedding

Sometimes it seems like life just doesn't play fair.  And we are stuck to deal with it.  There's no one that we can "tattle" to, "he's not playing fair!" - we just have to make the most of it

We knew that DH's mom would have to have surgery a few weeks before DH's brother's wedding in Kentucky.  We were all so hopeful that she would be feeling good enough afterwards that she would be able to make the trip.  But one week and one day before the wedding, it was seemed pretty likely that this was going to be one of those "no fair" moments.

So with a day's notice, DH's brother started putting together plans to host a wedding ceremony in the hospital where his mom was staying.  We found out on a Thursday night that we would be making the trip that weekend.  I was asked to be an impromtu bridesmaid.  DH wrote a best man speech on the car ride there (with help from his clever and witty wife, of course.)  Everyone chipped in, did their own part, and somehow one of the nicest wedding ceremonies we've ever attended came as a result.

This link is to a video that DH put together of the event.  It's 8 minutes long, but if you have the time, I highly recommend watching it.

There was food, and even a fancy wedding cake made by one of their cousins.

Speeches by the bride and groom....

And speeches by the best men.

They take their roles as best men very seriously

There were even first dances and mother/son dances....

DH got to dance with the bride.

Mom and her three sons

Their mom looked amazing.  Seriously, would you guess from the picture above that she was a patient in a hospital?!?!?  Not a chance....

Life definitely isn't always fair.  But sometimes it takes those moments to make us realize what really matters - family.  You can have a wedding in a hospital or the fanciest venue this side of the Mississippi but what really makes it special and meaningful are the people that are there and the emotions that are flowing.  The emotions were definitely flowing at this event and although it doesn't really translate through the video, there were definitely some moist eyes during that ceremony.  It was really beautiful.

Oh, and I'm pretty sure that pregnant bridesmaids in kelly green dresses are going to be all the rage for 2012.  You just wait and see.


Ms2Mrs..and back to Ms said...

Thank you for sharing this. That is what a marriage is all about. It was beautiful.

Corinne said...

aww this is amazing - what love. That ceremony will be something cherished for years, I know it.

And you look amazing in that dress!!

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