Kentucky Wedding, Part 2, Pre-Wedding

Saturday was wedding day, but the wedding wasn't actually until about 7 p.m. (or maybe even 7:30, I don't remember offhand.)  In any case, we had most of the day to ourselves, which I planned to use as "vacation" time, since we weren't taking any other vacations this year given the need to save money for the impending new Hartman's arrival. 

 Some of DH's relatives started the day by taking a carriage ride around the little town.  It was expensive though - $15 per person no matter how many people you had, and we just couldn't justify the cost.  

Although I know that people always say that horses "like" to work, I honestly felt a little bad for this guy.  He started trotting around town as early as 9 a.m. and you would still see him at 10 p.m. pulling people around.  I don't know how hard it is to pull that carriage around, or how many breaks he got during the day, but man, 13 hours of work seems like a lot no matter how much you "like" it.

Anyway, I wanted to do nothing more than lay around by the pool, which I was quite successful at doing.  The Hartman brothers worked on their best man speech and I soaked up some sun and tried (unsuccessfully) to read baby books. 

It was actually a pretty nice pool for such a low-budget motel. 

DH insisted on taking a picture of me.  I am posting it here for posterity's sake, in all of my chubby glory.  This was the first time I wore my maternity bathing suit.  I realized that my belly does not like to be covered up.  I felt sooo hot with it covered.  So, since we were the only ones there, I decided to bare it all, chubby belly and all.  And if you were thinking that I look uncomfortable in that picture, it's because I was uncomfortable.  Those lounge chairs were hard plastic, and towels did nothing to soften them at all.  My tailbone hurt so bad from sitting there and my butt and legs kept falling asleep, I guess because the circulation was getting cut off.  Definitely not comfortable at all.

The groom stopped by for a quick dip in the pool.

We ordered Domino's pizza for lunch and had it to delivered to the pool, which was awesome.  After that we headed inside and while others took a nap, DH and I decided to take a walk in the little town to see if we could find something to use as our commemorative Christmas tree ornament that we like pick up whenever we visit a new place.  We found a miniature whiskey barrel that we figured represented Kentucky quite well. 

The town was super small, so the whole walk - there, around town, and then back - took no more than 30 or 40 minutes, and that included a stop for ice cream at this quaint little shop.  We walked by the reception venue, which was right in the center of town, and saw it being set up.  This was the first time that I realized that the ceremony AND the reception were being held outdoors.  At this point in the day it was a little overcast, but fortunately they weren't calling for rain, since I have no idea what the back-up plan would have been.  The restaurant definitely did not have enough space inside to accommodate everyone. 

The little tavern above was also a B&B and it was where the bride and groom were staying. It was also where we found our little whiskey barrel ornament, AND would become the site of the after party following the reception. 

Then we headed back and DH decided that he needed a quick nap as well.  When he woke up it was nearly 5 p.m. and they had to report at 5:30 for picture taking.  Rushing ensued as he showered and I attempted to steam the wrinkles out of the khaki linen suit that he was wearing.  Linen is such a ridiculous material.  You'd think that with all of the technology that exists out there, we could come up with a fabric that was light and breathable and yet didn't look like a wrinkled napkin as soon as you put it on. 

But if you don't look too closely, the suits don't look too wrinkled and I really did enjoy the khaki color.  It looked great on all of the guys, and was an appropriate color for an outdoor ceremony and reception.  Black would have likely look way too formal.

Also, in the background you can see the sitting area that I mentioned in my first post. I thought it was really awesome of the hotel to have that seating there, and since our block of rooms was the entire first floor, we pretty much owned that area for the weekend.  It was nice because at any given time you could look out your window and chances were really good that someone would be sitting out there that you would join. 

So, time for the wedding!


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