Garage Renovations

A few weeks ago, on a whim, DH decided that he wanted to re-organize our garage.  I'm pretty sure that he thought it would only take a day or so.  Three weeks later he was still working on it, and I'm pretty sure he's spent well over $1000 so far (I'm only guessing though, I'm sure he'll correct me later.)

I don't have any great "before" pictures, but let's just say it looked like a fairly cluttered garage.  I didn't mind it though, but I am generally impervious to clutter.  It drives DH crazy (both the clutter and my lack of awareness of it.)

First, he removed all of the weird wooden paneling that the previous owners had put up (they did some weird shit in that house, let me tell you.)  The paneling was crappy, thin wood and near the back of the garage, where we would sometimes get moisture during the rainy seasons, most was growing on the wood.

Most garage renovation stories do not include stories about fires.  (In all honesty, most garage renovation stories are not interesting enough to tell. This one probably isn't either.  That's the beauty of writing a blog though, I can tell stories whether they're worth telling or not!)  But of course, our story DOES involve a fire.

A fairly intense fire that I am glad I was not around to see when it was in full swing.  Normal people might just put all of that wood out for the trash.  But when you have a fire pit and you don't want to haul wood down your steep, gravely driveway, fire just makes more sense, right?  Not to mention all of the space in a landfill that you're saving.

Apparently it starting raining really lightly, and DH panicked.  He was afraid that the fire was going to go out and that he was going to have all of this wood leftover.  So he threw it all on.

Then it almost immediately stopped raining.  And we had one hell of a bonfire.

I'm glad I wasn't around when it was in full blaze.  I would have been pulling the hose out in preparation for disaster. 

Since then he's finished the garage and it's a good thing too, because that's where the first two hours of our Pittsburgh baby shower were held when it started pouring down rain the minute it was supposed to start. 

More about that shower (also known as "Baby Bonanza" coming soon!)


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