28 Weeks

No 27 week picture.  It was too busy.  Moving on to week 28, which is quite convenient since it means that I am now "up to date" with this picture/update thing.  Phew! That was hard catching up.  Who knew skipping a week could make life so much easier?

 From 6/1/11

I am officially enormous.  I almost have to agree with my doctor who called me a fatty (although I am still holding a grudge against him for now.)

Weeks 27 and 28 brought on a whole new level of movement.  For awhile there, I was slightly worried because I usually only felt movement once or twice a day.  Starting last Friday, following a particularly (and probably too caffeinated) cappuccino, he started kicking like crazy and really hasn't stopped since (even though the caffeine has.)  Who knows, maybe he just needed a little kick start!

There's also a whole new category of lower back pain. So low, in fact, that it's basically my butt (but I guess it's probably just my tailbone.)  Some times the pain is so sharp that it takes my breath away.  The other night during a walk I yelped in pain when it literally felt like my tailbone was disconnecting from my body, and I couldn't continue walking without excruciating pain.  We stood on the sidewalk for a few minutes while I tried to bend and stretch in ways that I am sure made me looked absolutely ridiculous (DH kept looking around, I think to make sure that the neighbors weren't watching).  Eventually I realized it wasn't going to go away just standing there so I hobbled the rest of the way home, but was uncomfortable for the rest of the night.  The only thing that helped was laying down and not moving.

Foot pain has increased as well.  I have completely abandoned high heels.  I tried to wear them to a wedding two weekends ago and was in so much pain after an hour of standing that I was near tears.  I wore flip flops the rest of the night, although the damage was already done and my feet were still incredibly sore the rest of the night.  I have had to resort to wearing flats exclusively, something I'm not completely excited about since I don't have a ton of flats.  I guess it's time to go shopping soon.

Still no stretch marks (yay!!!) and my belly button is what I will call a half-sie - mostly in, but sticking out at the top enough that most people think it's an outie now when I'm wearing fitted shirts.  Oh well, at least it doesn't hurt (I've heard that popped belly buttons are fairly painful, which is probably why I am scared of my popping out!)


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