Bye Bye Belly Button!

My belly button is slowly fading away.  I always had a fairly deep belly button (BB), but it's slowly been coming to the surface and is nearly flat with the rest of my stomach.  I am only 23 weeks along, so I have a feeling this means there's no chance that sucker is going to stay in for the next 18.

It feels "weird" all the time.  I have to put the word "weird" in quotations because I can't find words to better describe the super strange feeling coming from that region of my stomach.  It doesn't quite hurt, doesn't quite tickle, but those would be the next two closest words I'd use to describe the feeling.  Here's another way I would describe it - "I do not like it."  At all.

I want my BB to stay in, for no real reason other than I'm afraid it's going to hurt if it pops out.  If I bump my stomach on something (which I seem to do all the time now) there is definitely slightly more "pain" than "tickle" and definitely a whole lot of "weird."  I am an innie, and apparently extremely proud of it.  I desperately don't want that to change, but I also recognize that I have no control over it.  I've known women whose BB's have popped very early on, and others who remained an innie for the entire 40 weeks.  I hope I fall into the latter category, but if not I just hope that I learn to be more careful about walking into things....


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